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Heritage Poultry

We specialize in French Marans! Current colors are Black Silver and Blue Silver. White French Marans will be avaliable in spring of 2020! 


Your Local South Central Montana Poultry Breeder

This Marans flock has been locally bred in Montana for 6 years from two lines, Rodney Reeves and Greenfire. Parent flock free ranges when possible. We also have Golden Crele and Cream Legbars, from AB lines!


Montana Roots

JL bar has been a working family brand in Central Montana for over 100 years at our family homestead near Flatwillow. JL bar farms seeks to carry on that tradition into the future, with a convenient location near Billings!


It has been 5 months since hatching the poults out this year!  The cockerels and the young turkey jakes and jennies love actively foraging among the hay stubble in the field next to the barn. Next year's breeders will be selected from this group. I am very excited about the Sweetgrass trio and the Tri colored mottled slate jake!

JLbar farm selections

Hatching Eggs

marans eggs

Fall molt is starting! hatching eggs will be limited until late winter when 2020 hatching season starts.


black silver marans chicks

Sold Out for 2019! 

I can do customized hatches for those interested! 


black silver marans pullet

Pullets are Sold Out! there are only cockerels available, pricing depends on quality 


Heritage Turkeys

burbon red tom

 Poults are sold out for this year! There are 4 jakes left, call for details. 

Golden Crele/Cream Legbars

cream legbar pullets

Sold Out for 2019!

Need Advice?

cream legbar cockerels

We can help with your chicken and turkey questions! 

How We Began

The history of the JLbar brand goes back over 100 years ago to a small ranch in Petroleum County in Montana. Still in use today, the JLbar is a right side 2 part cattle brand used by my parents, established by my great great great grandfather.

The New Farm

Although the current farm near Billings has been in the family since 1989, we are seeking to build something more than just the townhouse location of the ranch. The current goal is for a modest business to allow for the care of three children and a disabled husband while still being at home utilizing a love of poultry breeding to start. Goals for future expansion could include beef, jams, expanding the orchard, or even goats or sheep! We want to bring something to the table in Yellowstone county.

Your LOCAL Hatchery!

As one of only a handful of registered NPIP flocks in the state of Montana, we can offer you locally bred eggs and hatched chicks that are healthy and able to cross state lines legally. These birds get blood tested yearly by a veterinarian and are visited regularly, and are part of the state NPIP registry.  If you are looking to stay local, this is where to get beautiful purebred heritage poultry!

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